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About Wild Hearts Co.

This is me.

My name is Sarah; you may already know me through my portraiture brand Sarah Hart Photography, and I also own Relish Photography.

Editorial fashion photography is at the core of my inspiration as an artist. I bridge the gap between that genre and portraiture by showing non-models how they can be just as powerful, regal, and polished as the people we see in magazines.

What happens behind the scenes to create fashion images is usually hidden from public view and it's easy to take what we see for granted. In reality, everything is exaggerated from the moment the shoot begins. Camera angles, lighting, posing, and wardrobe all manipulate what we see in the final frame, and post-processing takes those effects miles farther.

Models aren't automatically beautiful because they're thin. In fact, often, models are successful because their appearance is unusual. What's unique about them makes them stand out and demand attention. They don't all have perfect skin, and they may be awkward or quirky. What they have in common is that they make their freakiness their fortune; and they have the benefit of skilled coaching, impeccable stying, and world-class imaging technology.

What happens when I bring all these secret weapons to you?!

I'm here.

Reach out to me any time with your questions and ideas.

Join the Wild Hearts Society, my private group on Facebook, to stay up to date on all things WHco.

My portrait is courtesy of ZAMS Photography by Zita Makkos.

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