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This is for you!

Did you know that you are amazing?

Whether your style is oversize sweaters, lingerie that's barely there, or just the skin you were born in, it's who you are and it's worth celebrating. I see the pretty, the regal, the unique in you. I want to show you what I see.

At its core, this is an investment in your self-affirmation. I use world-class posing, lighting and post-processing to glorify your best assets, and create a soulful, tasteful, heirloom-quality tribute to your one-of-a-kind beauty.

Wild Hearts Co. Is Body Positive.

I'm all about empowering people to accept and love the skin they're in.

To be body positive means that we're committed to speaking and thinking in positive terms about our bodies.

People of every size, gender, body type, and complexion struggle with body image, and everyone's struggle is unique. I acknowledge this and I'm sensitive to it while keeping our focus strongly on what we can celebrate and feel great about.

This isn't really about sex.

Over-the-top, trying-too-hard sexuality can be uncomfortable. There's an undertone of exploitation when you're pushing yourself into something unnatural just to try and present yourself in a way that someone else will find appealing. We can feel anything from silly or embarrassed to used.

What's most attractive is confidence--knowing your worth and owning your beauty.

My beauty and fashion sessions are about celebrating a side of you that is often reserved for a place of privacy. Although we may not show this side of ourselves to the world, it can be very important to our sense of self worth.

I get to know my clients enough to understand where their power lies, and help them find a space where their highest strength radiates on its own.

That is sexy without trying.

Me, too.

Vulnerability can be exponentially more challenging when you've had a traumatic experience. I am a trauma-informed artist, and I'm very careful to be sensitive to my clients' boundaries without question. All I need to hear is "let's do something else instead" and no other explanation is needed.

We achieve our poses one muscle group at a time, and the process feels more like a challenging yoga practice than anything out of Playboy.

There's so much to gain.

If the idea of focusing on your beauty is difficult or emotional for you, then these sessions have the potential to be that much more powerful when you overcome those feelings. I hold space for the complexity of sexuality and self-acceptance, and I welcome you to take ownership of all that you are.

You are everything.

Own that, and everything will be yours.

Ask me anything.

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